Who We Are

We are coffee lovers who want to make a change to the way coffee is packaged, consumed and enjoyed. We believe that small, everyday actions can have a huge impact on the world we live in. And what a small action it would be to start reusing your favorite cup. We still want you to drink coffee, lots of it, we just want to help you do it with less waste


Novelty in a cup.


The Mocha is a latte with chocolate. We use actual ground chocolate made from a local chocolatier here in Toronto. The chocolate is melted down and added to the milk before steaming to ensure a silky and consistent texture throughout.

Long Black

Clean and simple.

Long Black

Often confused, the long black is 2oz of espresso and 4oz hot water. This sits somewhere between an espresso and an americano, just less water so you get to taste the coffee more.


A longstanding tradition.


Standard espresso is a “double” shot of espresso of 2oz. We pull a precise amount of water through the bed of coffee grinds at temperatures, volumes and speeds depending on the ambient conditions. Things like air temperature and humidity can play a big part in the settings of the espresso machine and the grinders. The grinders are the most important piece of equipment when it comes to getting the texture and consistency of the espresso shot right.

What We’re Doing

We are commited to closing the loop by partnering with a fan favorite Toronto roaster to bring you specialty, high quality, direct trade coffee, package-freeThey’ll drop off the yummy coffee beans in reusable food grade containers, we’ll make your specialty coffee with love via our La Marzocco, then give the containers right back to the roaster so that they can refill and repeat.

Why We’re Doing It

Every single day in the GTA, 1 MILLION disposable coffee cups are used, tossed, and then end up in a landfill. That’s right – contrary to popular belief, most coffee cups are not recyclable. That’s 1 MILLION cups that hurt our environment.

Our Promise

Coffee Bean

high quality package free beans

Coffee Bean

local milk In glass bottles

Coffee Bean

meticulOusly prepared

Come visit us with your reusable cup, take a mug, leave a mug, or stay, sip and enjoy…whatever you choose, we promise a damn good coffee, package-free.

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